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10 pack - Christmas Cards

10 pack - Christmas Cards

SRF Christmas cards, Babaji Cards, Yogananda Cards

A pack of 10 Christmas Cards, 4 x 6 inch with 10 beige envelopes included. 
The cards are printed both on the front and back with white on the inside. 

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$ 37.99
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Weight 300

Ananda Christmas Cards, Babaji Art Card,

10 pack - Christmas CardsJonah West Art10 pack - Christmas Cardshttps://www.jonahwestart.com/2020/11/ChristmasCard.html10 pack - Christmas Cards10 pack - Christmas Cards by Jonah West ArtProduct #: Jonah West Art_55481847735411697935 stars out of 3 reviews.


  1. The Christmas card idea is super. Hope you are doing well Jonah! Can't wait for your next painting! Happy Holy Days to you. In Master, Lynn Walker

  2. Hi Jonah, I just found your website, and wondering if you are still offering the Christmas card pkg this year 5/14/22? I have had your painting with me since moving from Portland Or Community to Plantation Fl, and it has been 2 yrs of missing my guru friends, I decided to place the photo in my frame and place it in my meditation area. What a warm feeling to be surrounded by all the Masters, thank you for this beautiful photo. Rudrani Borden

    1. Hi Rudrani, Thanks for your lovely comment. Yes, you can order the Christmas Card Pack any time of the year. I can ship them to you, they take around 2 weeks to arrive. Blessings.